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Discover Glyconutrition

Mannatech offers a transformative wellness experience through glyconutrition.

An Introduction to Ambrotose

A brief introduction to Mannatech proprietary flagship product Ambrotose.

Manapol Powder

Mannatech is proud to share Manapol powder with you - a pure aloe gel extract designed to support cell-to-cell communication.

Product Focus: Ambrotose®

Dr. Steve Nugent talks about the Ambrotose® product - the world's first glyconutrient dietary supplement.

Ambrotose LIFE Overview

It’s the most powerful Ambrotose formula ever, and the biggest product launch in company history!

Product Focus: Ambrotose AO

Stress from daily living produces free radicals, which can lead to a variety of health challenges. Mannatech's Ambrotose AO capsules combine a synergistic blend of plant extracts and antioxidant compounds with naturally sourced vitamins C and E for an extra-powerful punch of protection.

Product Focus: PhytoMatrix®

Born from Real Food Technology solutions, Mannatech's PhytoMatrix caplets contain food-sourced vitamins and phytonutrients from fruits and vegetables along with concentrated, plant-sourced...

Product Focus: PLUS™ (Chinese)

Using specific chemical messengers called hormones, your endocrine system helps regulate metabolism, tissue function and even mood. Keeping it healthy is ess...

Introducing EMPACT+™

Introducing EMPACT+, Mannatech’s 3-in-1 performance drink. For the first time ever, a single product to fuel up, stay hydrated and recover quicker.

Who is Jason Lester?

Find out all about who Ultra Endurance Athlete Jason Lester is; his history, his accomplishments, and the products that help him do what he does.

  • Discover Glyconutrition
  • An Introduction to Ambrotose
  • Manapol Powder
  • Product Focus: Ambrotose®
  • Ambrotose LIFE Overview
  • Product Focus: Ambrotose AO
  • Product Focus: PhytoMatrix®
  • Product Focus: PLUS™ (Chinese)
  • Introducing EMPACT+™
  • Who is Jason Lester?

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