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Art Pedersen

Available Product Samples!

Interested in trying out a product before you commit to buying? Good news, select any/all of the products below and provide your mailing information and I'll send you a sample right away!

Ambrotose LIFE™ Immune support Ambrotose LIFE™
Empact + Energy drink Empact +
GI-ProBalance™ Probiotic GI-ProBalance™
GlycoCafe™ Instant coffee GlycoCafe™
Optimal Support Vitamin, antioxident, immune, endocrine Optimal Support
TruPURE™ Cleanse Slimstick TruPURE™

Where should we send?

Thank you for requesting a FREE sample of these Mannatech products. I'll send you an email once your sample is on the way along with a little information about each product you selected. Please allow a few days for processing. Have a healthy day!

We don't spam. We also don't share your information with anyone. Promise.

These products are not available for purchase online; they must be ordered by phone. Here's how:

  1. Call 1-800-281-4469
  2. Request the products and quantities you desire
  3. Provide referral information: Art Pedersen - 3204116

Ambrotose LIFE Overview

It’s the most powerful Ambrotose formula ever, and the biggest product launch in company history!

An Introduction to Ambrotose

A brief introduction to Mannatech proprietary flagship product Ambrotose.

Dr. Nugent on Ambrotose®

Dr. Nugent explains the importance of Ambrotose (glyconutrients) and how it effects our overall health.

New You In 90 - Stories

Mannatech wants you to enjoy true health by helping you cut excess fat and increase lean muscle.

Introducing EMPACT+™

Introducing EMPACT+, Mannatech’s 3-in-1 performance drink. For the first time ever, a single product to fuel up, stay hydrated and recover quicker.

  • Ambrotose LIFE Overview
  • An Introduction to Ambrotose
  • Dr. Nugent on Ambrotose®
  • New You In 90 - Stories
  • Introducing EMPACT+™

Are You Ready to Change Your Life?

It all begins by signing up as a Mannatech Associate. By becoming a part of the Mannatech family, you'll be on the path to creating your ideal life. Whether you're looking for a few extra dollars, or pursuing an opportunity to replace a full-time income, Mannatech has the way. Finally, your dreams can become real!

Benefits of Becoming an Associate:

  • Ability to build across borders with a global, seamless Compensation Plan.
  • Six ways to earn that give you control over your income.
  • Exclusive trips and incentives to exotic locations to help with building your business.
  • Increased Loyalty Rewards so you can earn faster and receive FREE product quicker.
  • Large online library full of resources and tools that help you share and build with success.
  • Partnership with the M5M Foundation to help get proper nourishment to children in need.
  • Global events and meetings designed to educate, motivate and set you on the path to reaching your dreams.

Get started by choosing a discounted bundle of products below. The bundle you choose will be included with the Associate fee of $49.99. If you do not want to begin with a product bundle, you can join by just getting started with the associate fee.

$199.99 Ambrotose LIFE Canister and OSP Value Bundle
Retail Value: $299.98 33% discount
Value Bundle
$214.99 Ambrotose LIFE Slimsticks and OSP Value Bundle
Retail Value: $329.99 35% discount
Value Bundle
$374.95 EMPACT+ – Buy 5, Get 2 FREE!
Retail Value: $414.95 10% discount
Value Bundle
$199.99 EMPACT+ Monthly Kit
Retail Value: $221.99 10% discount
Value Bundle
$179.99 Happy Couple Value Bundle
Retail Value: $219.96 18% discount
Value Bundle
$159.99 Healthy Energy Value Bundle
Value Bundle
$179.99 Mannatech's Men's PRIME 7™ and Catalyst™ Multivitamin Value Bundle
Retail Value: $219.96 18% discount
Value Bundle
$179.99 Mannatech's Women's PREMIER 7™ and Catalyst™ Multivitamin Value Bundle
Retail Value: $219.96 18% discount
Value Bundle
$999.99 Optimal Health Value Bundle
Retail Value: $1,587.44 37% discount
Value Bundle
$111.98 OsoLatte Promotion
Retail Value: $123.98 10% discount
Value Bundle
$499.99 Repair and Replenish Value Bundle
Retail Value: $804.74 38% discount
Value Bundle
$499.99 Revitalize and Restore Value Bundle
Retail Value: $711.01 30% discount
Value Bundle
$999.99 Total Body Makeover Value Bundle
Retail Value: $1,696.66 41% discount
Value Bundle
$265.99 TruHealth 30 Day System Value Custom Bundle
Retail Value: $364.94 27% discount
Value Bundle
$241.99 TruHealth and EMPACT+™ Value Bundle
Retail Value: $269.99 10% discount
Value Bundle
$179.99 TruHealth Maintenance Custom Value Bundle
Retail Value: $189.99 5% discount
Value Bundle
$199.99 Uth Skincare System Value Bundle
Retail Value: $234.99 15% discount
Value Bundle
$299.99 Wear My Skinny Jeans Again Bundle
Retail Value: $377.94 21% discount
Value Bundle
$49.99 Associate Fee

With EVERY product purchase, a donation is made to the M5M℠ Foundation which is used to buy and supply nutrient-rich PhytoBlend to children in need.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
† Benefits vary by product.
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