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Pat Campbell
Pat Campbell

Hi, welcome to my online store. Likely we have talked one way or another. These are the products my family and I have consumed for 20+ years. I recommend the use of any of the products with confidence.

Hi, It's Pat, and I'm so happy to have you visit my site. You know who I am– 1'd love to know who you are. Please let me know your name and email so I can give you the best service I know how. Thank You!

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Product Focus: GI-Zyme

Mannatech product description for GI-Zyme

Product Focus: Catalyst

Mannatech product description for Catalyst.

Product Focus: PLUS™

Keeping your endocrine system healthy is essential to your overall wellness.

Product Focus: Ambrotose®

Dr. Steve Nugent talks about the Ambrotose® product - the world's first glyconutrient dietary supplement.

Ambrotose Life - Dr. Steve Nugent

Dr. Steve Nugent talks about Ambrotose Life

Discover Glyconutrition

Mannatech offers a transformative wellness experience through glyconutrition.

Ambrotose LIFE Overview

It’s the most powerful Ambrotose formula ever, and the biggest product launch in company history!

Omega-3 with Vitamin D3

The research supporting the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D is overwhelming.

Dr. Nugent on Ambrotose®

Dr. Nugent explains the importance of Ambrotose (glyconutrients) and how it effects our overall health.

Shop GI-Biome System™

We know a healthy immune system starts with a healthy gut.

  • Product Focus: GI-Zyme
  • Product Focus: Catalyst
  • Product Focus: PLUS™
  • Product Focus: Ambrotose®
  • Ambrotose Life - Dr. Steve Nugent
  • Discover Glyconutrition
  • Ambrotose LIFE Overview
  • Omega-3 with Vitamin D3
  • Dr. Nugent on Ambrotose®
  • Shop GI-Biome System™


Give your body the natural support it deserves

Focus on your overall wellness with natural and plant-sourced products that contain specialized nutrients that supplement the body, mind and spirit to help keep you healthy.

Achieve the healthy, fit body you want

Get fit and lose fat with our products that are formulated to help you go that extra mile – and look amazing doing it. †

See how naturally beautiful your skin can be

Our skincare products combine the finest natural ingredients with the most advanced technologies for healthy, happy skin.

Natural solutions for your specific needs

Give your body an extra edge with these products designed to target specific areas and provide additional nutrients that help support body system health. †

Have a healthy home

Take care of your household with our line of products designed to make your home a peaceful haven that supplements your wellness.

Daily essentials + the power of Glyconutrients

Our Essentials line adds the powerful benefits of Glyconutrients to competitively priced products with wide appeal.

$73.00 Advanced Ambrotose® 120 caps
Integrative Health
$67.50 Ambrotose AO® 60 caps
Retail Value: $72.75 7% discount
Integrative Health
$237.00 Ambrotose AO® 60 caps 4 pack
Retail Value: $250.00 5% discount
Value Bundle
$202.50 Ambrotose Complex and PLUS Bundle
Retail Value: $229.00 12% discount
Value Bundle
$269.50 Ambrotose LIFE Twin Pack
Integrative Health
$215.50 Ambrotose LIFE™ Powder Tub
Integrative Health
$150.50 Ambrotose LIFE™ Sachets
Integrative Health
$289.00 Ambrotose LIFE™ Sachets & Plus
Retail Value: $305.00 5% discount
Integrative Health
$233.00 Ambrotose LIFE™ Tub & Plus
Integrative Health
$166.00 Ambrotose® Complex 100g
Integrative Health
$75.00 BounceBack®
Targeted Health
$77.00 Catalyst™ Multivitamin
Integrative Health
$364.50 CORE 5 with Ambrotose Complex Bundle
Retail Value: $432.00 16% discount
Value Bundle
$107.00 EMPACT+™ Performance Drink Mix 30 slimsticks
Weight & Fitness
$90.00 Emprizone Special
Value Bundle
$53.00 Emprizone®
Retail Value: $57.30 8% discount
Skin Care
$59.50 GlycoCafé™
Integrative Health
$170.00 Have a harmonious holiday
Value Bundle
$165.00 Man-Kind
Value Bundle
$269.00 Manapol® Powder
Retail Value: $295.95 9% discount
Integrative Health
$57.00 Manna-C®
Retail Value: $63.45 10% discount
Targeted Health
$40.00 MannaBears®
Integrative Health
$65.00 MannaBOOM
Targeted Health
$68.50 Mannatech TruPURE Powder
Retail Value: $89.00 23% discount
Weight & Fitness
$85.50 NutriVerus®
Retail Value: $92.55 8% discount
Integrative Health
$54.50 Omega-3 with Vitamin D3
Targeted Health
$165.00 OsoLean® set of 2
Weight & Fitness
$89.50 OsoLean®
Weight & Fitness
$61.50 PLUS
Integrative Health
$135.00 Sport Value Bundle
Value Bundle
$52.60 SPORT®
Weight & Fitness
$90.00 Stocking Staple
Value Bundle
$92.00 Superfood Greens and Reds
Integrative Health
$254.00 TruHealth Maintenance Bundle
Retail Value: $295.00 14% discount
Value Bundle
$376.50 TruHealth Transformation Bundle
Retail Value: $454.00 17% discount
Value Bundle
$76.50 TruPLENISH™ Nutritional Supplement Shake Chocolate
Weight & Fitness
$76.50 TruPLENISH™ Nutritional Supplement Shake Vanilla
Weight & Fitness
$125.00 TruSHAPE - Buy Two Get one FREE
Value Bundle
$62.50 TruSHAPE Capsules
Weight & Fitness
$44.00 Uth®️ Facial Cleanser
Skin Care
$76.50 Uth®️ Moisturiser
Skin Care
$135.50 Uth®️ Skin Rejuvenation Crème
Retail Value: $145.00 7% discount
Skin Care
$255.00 Uth®️ Skincare System Value Bundle
Retail Value: $323.00 21% discount
Value Bundle
$170.00 Zen Value Bundle
Value Bundle
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With EVERY product purchase, a donation is made to the M5M℠ Foundation which is used to buy and supply nutrient-rich PhytoBlend to children in need.

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† Benefits vary by product.
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