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What is Mannamotion?

The all-in-one system to help you market and sell your Mannatech products online. We created Mannamotion to be the easiest way to educate your clients and send them exactly what they want – rather than having them search for AmbroTOES or Ambrosia on the product list. Through Mannamotion you can send custom emails, social media posts or texts with products in cart and attach videos, product information sheets and links to MannatechScience. Yes, you read that right…all in one email, post or text!

It’s time to simplify the way we do business by educating our potential clients and helping them sign up seamlessly. This is a 3rd party tool made by associates for associates.

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Your Benefits

  • Simple plan – Free plan / $10 plan for customization
  • Keep clients tied to your account each step of the way.
  • One stop shop for marketing, education and sign ups! Get clients while you sleep!
  • You choose which products and videos you want to feature.
  • Associate sign up link also available. Choose to lead with products or business.
  • Sharing has never been easier. Website, Emails, Social and even Texting.
  • Custom emails includes scheduling and saved templates.
  • Market around the world by hosting multiple countries.
  • All product purchases and sign ups made through Mannatech.com

Client Benefits

  • Help simplify your clients check out process
  • All the information they need in one spot!
  • Direct clients directly to the products & videos best for them – don't let them get lost trying to find what they need
  • Secured checkout through the back office of Mannatech
  • Confidence that you are here to support them

You want to see it?

Email Sample


Have your own website for marketing your Mannatech products and choose your favorite products to feature.

When visitors come to your site from a Mannamotion email or social share, the website will automatically adjust to the content of what you have shared with them. Shared videos will be added to your list and shared products will override the featured list. It's like magic!

Show me a website
Email Sample


Send beautiful customized emails to prospects. Recipients will receive exactly what they need to learn more and make their first purchase. They will be really impressed with your professionalism.

How do you get started?

1 Pick a plan

Are you looking for a basic storefront or are you ready to take your business to the next level?

2 Sign Up

Provide basic contact information, Mannatech number and subscription payment.

3 Customize

Build your site with products, videos and other options to fit your needs.

4 Share your Store

There are many powerful ways to begin sharing your products and business with others.

The price is most definitely right

We’re not hiding anything. We’ve got two plans, and yes, one is free. Good business model, eh? We’ll never put an ad on your cart, we’ll never sell your data, and we don’t take any transaction fees on your sales. In 5 minutes, you should have a fully functional cart to promote your business and sell your products.

$ 0 mo
  • Website included
  • All Products
  • All Countries
  • Mobile Friendly Website
  • Custom MM URL
  • Mobile Friendly Admin
  • Guest Contact
  • Contact Management
  • Support
The Fine Print

MannaMotion is an approved vendor of Mannatech, Inc and we swear by the products. Any statement regarding Mannatech product successes have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

MannaMotion’s only goal is to make your job of marketing and selling Mannatech products the most painless possible. We don’t take transaction fees off of your sales, we don’t get kick-backs from Mannatech, Inc., and we certainly don’t abuse your data. We’re good guys with a goal of helping you grow your business. Want to get in touch, fill out our fancy contact form.

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