Each year, an estimated five million children die from malnutrition. That's one child every six seconds. Malnutrition is a phenomenon that impacts the lives of 55 million children at any given moment.
The Mission 5 Million movement represents Mannatech's mission to link five million consumers of its glyconutrient, food-based nutritional supplements with five million children in need.
Advanced Skin Matrix Rejuvenation Crème™
Through advances in science, you can now release your body's natural ability to produce beautiful, healthy skin - on its own.
Uth Skincare
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How confident are you that your diet is providing what really fuels you for optimal health? Are you eating real food or processed foods and supplements with synthetic ingredients that may not be nourishing your body?
Real Food Nutrition
Our products offer nutrition the way your body wants it. Nourish it with a whole-food matrix of real vitamins, minerals, glyconutrients and antioxidants.
Stop watching life pass you by through the lens of Instagram® and start creating your own. It's your time to live filter-free.
Get fit and lose fat with products that are formulated to help you go that extra mile - and look amazing doing it! Start your journey today by joining the revolution and achieve the healthy, fit body you want.
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    • NutriVerus® (150g)



      Health Solutions That Fill In Where Our Choices Leave Us Short You care about your health, but, the… read more

    • PLUS™


      An excellent choice for endocrine support. At Mannatech we know that the endocrine system is… read more

    • PhytoMatrix®


      Mannatech's most advanced multivitamin. With today's diets, it's hard for anyone to get all the… read more

    • Gl-Zyme®


      Helping you get the most from your meals. Proper eating is important, but so is proper digestion.… read more

    • Gl-Pro®


      A wide variety of bacteria and other micro-organisms help keep your digestive system running… read more

    • MannaBears®


      Parent-approved nutrition. Kid-approved taste. When you're a child, eating right isn't always easy.… read more

    • Advanced Ambrotose® (120 g)

      Advanced Ambrotose®

      (120 g)

      Our most advanced immune support supplement. Wellness. It's something everyone strives for. But… read more

    • OsoLean®


      With the OsoLean Plan, You're on Your Way to a Better You! OsoLean powder is the shape of things to… read more

    • Ambrotose® (75 g)


      (75 g)

      Our groundbreaking aloe vera-based dietary supplement In 1996, we at Mannatech distinguished… read more

    • Advanced Ambrotose® (60 g)

      Advanced Ambrotose®

      (60 g)

      Our most advanced immune support supplement. Wellness. It's something everyone strives for. But… read more

    • SPORT ™

      SPORT ™

      To support an athletic workout or physical exertion of any kind, SPORT capsules furnishe nutrients… read more

    • Ambrotose AO® (60 cap)

      Ambrotose AO®

      (60 cap)

      Mannatech's most advanced antioxidant. Found mainly in fruits and vegetables, antioxidants are… read more

    • ImmunoSTART<sup>®</sup>


      An efficiently operating immune system is vital for continued health. Most people lead fast paced… read more

    For every purchase on Automatic Order, Mannatech donates nutritional supplements formulated using Real Food Technology® solutions to at-risk children through M5M Foundation. The Loyalty program also requires auto-order. To participate, make sure to select Auto-order when checking out.
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